Style From Scraps: Zero Waste Fashion

| Recycled clothing and materials are paving the path towards an ethical and sustainable fashion world.

Eco-friendly fashion has a bad rep for not exactly being on trend, but luckily, there’s a brand that is changing that stereotype with style.

Textile pollution is a growing problem in the fashion industry. The council for textile recycling says that more than 70 pounds of textiles per US citizen are going into landfills annually, that means over 21 BILLION pounds this year alone. In the Zero Waste Daniel studio, fabric waste is kept to an absolute zero; a first for fashion. Pattern making techniques, appliqués, tiled mosaics and embellishments absorb one hundred percent of the textile goods that are brought into the studio and ZWD takes factory scraps and turns them into new, desirable goods.

Zero waste is the goal of both the garments and the studio. ZWD uses recycled and recyclable materials in shipping, packaging and office materials as well as just the clothes; constantly improving the process remaining conscious of places to make a positive change. Not only creating their own collections, but selling on the reroll fabric to other independent designers, and sourcing scrap fabric from larger manufacturers, introducing a wider community of brands in the sustainable fashion network.

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Every Zero Waste Daniel product is made using a closed loop production system and a technique called reroll. No two items are exactly alike; each artistic "tiling" design is unique. By supporting ethical fashion brands like this one, you can play your part in reducing textile pollution, showing support for local artisans and fair labour practices, and practising a sustainable fashion habit. Find out more in the video below:

Video by Now This
Images by Zero Waste Daniel

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