Zendaya Presents a Century of Beauty for Vogue

From the roaring twenties to the electro eighties, Disney Channel star turned mega-influencer Zendaya presents 100 years of beauty looks.

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Zendaya is the ultimate style chameleon, able to pull off virtually any look and totally nail it. Here, she puts that skill to the test for Vogue by posing and dancing her way through nine decades of fashion and beauty, from ’20s flapper girl to today’s text-neck teen and everything in between.

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Here are the credits for this fab little video:

Directed by Bardia Zeinali
Fashion styling by Jorden Bickham
Hair by Jawara
Makeup by Pat McGrath
Nails by Honey
Set Design by Nicholas des Jardins, Mary Howard Studio
Edited by William Town, Modern Post
Filmed at Hook Studio, Brooklyn

Video by Vogue
Header image by Jared J

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