12 Summer Trends As Told By Instagram

| Affordable Stylish Instagram accounts that you can get style inspiration from this summer! These instagrammers will make sure you’re on trend this season.

Is it just me or can the world not make up it’s mind as of late? With backwards politics and a bi polar weather climate, the depressing dark clouds are definitely forcing us into some summer retail therapy.

And it doesn’t exactly help matters that every blogger and their dog (yes, they go too) are headed for sunshine, from beach getaways to festivals all over the world, resulting in our wish-lists growing from manageable, to researching if interest free fashion mortgages are actually a thing. (They’re not, I’ve checked.)

So how do we filter out what to buy and what tabs to close? Well, the answer as always, lies in Instagram.

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Whether it’s adding splashes of colour or daring yourself to flash a touch of thigh, the ladies of Instagram are the best place to start picking out pieces for your perfect seasonal wardrobe.

Gone are the days of flipping through Grazia only to find out that everything you love has a £500+ price tag on it, today we’re looking at purely high street, honey! I mean filtered or not, there’s nothing better than seeing amazing clothes used in a real life sense, even if that real life sense is technically out of our own worlds. So whether you have something booked in or not, check our some of our favourite trends from our favourite high street stores as told by FFD’s favourite fashion bloggers. Ready to swipe up? Us too.


Megan is always a firm favourite here at FFD and her take on the crochet trend is giving us life. If there’s one piece of advice I can give you this summer, is do not underestimate how amazing Next is rn.

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Yellow Everything

OK so we know it’s been said to be one of the hardest colours to pull off, but is it just us or has that statement completely obsolite in 2017?! We are obsessed with the way that Amy plays with colour and these Zara trousers would have a very warm welcome into most peoples wardrobes!

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Striped Shirt

Yes, you can pretty much buy a striped shirt in almost every high street store, but judging by the last few months on insta, it appears to be the must have item of the year, never mind the season!

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Ruffle Skirts

If there’s one girl who knows how to rock a ruffle skirt it’s Lucy! Forever creating the perfect capsule wardrobe, you know if Ms Florals is wearing it, it’ll be around for a while! And just as well too, as they are everywhere in our favourite high street shops atm.

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Bare Shoulders

OK we know that this is pretty much the obvious choice but shoulders are still the new cleavage and no wardrobe is complete without a white/blue/red off the shoulder something.

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No longer reserved for the "yummy mummy", espadrilles have been on the up for a few years, but now, we suggest wearing them with everything.

H2T Red

There’s no sassier colour than Red. Known for it’s power – as well as danger – it’s a shade that apparently is only meant for the brave, until now! Wear it from h-2-t without looking OTT ala Wendy by matching a cute sundress up with some flip flops.

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High Rise Swimmers

The ultimate swimwear of the season has to be the high rise swimsuit. Pack those bikinis away for another day and up your leg lenthening anti with this super flattering cut.

Statement Sunnies

There’s nothing that beats the loyalty of a statement sunny. You need some shade? They’re there. Need to up your outfit game? Yup, look no further.

See Also

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All white, all white

Yup, it’s past 4th of July, we’re not getting married and we are still wanting to wear all the white. All white, we get it, just keep the spagetti away from me! Get Freddie’s effortless look from Very.


Of course, we wish that we were there right now, but if you are stuck here in the UK why not bring Hawaii to you? The high street is FULL of incredible tropical prints at the moment and really, you can’t go wrong with the style you choose, so long as it’s in your wardrobe!

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Take summer layers to the next level in all the tiered tulle you can find just like Nat. This dress is an absolute bargain too at just £29.99 from Lindex

Prarie Dresses

If there’s one blogger who knows how to rock a tiered prairie dress, it’s Amy Magpie! From Santorini to Lisbon, Amy has managed to find a coordinating frock to match her surroundings. This one? You can find it at H&M.

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