Your New Styling Essential: The Statement Earring

| Hoop earrings, Tassel earrings & more. What will you decorate your face with? The bigger the hoop…

Go big or go home. Yes, my friends, this motto was written for one of 2017’s biggest trends; the statement earring. I’m not just talking glittery chandeliers oh no no. I’m talking statement earrings that don’t just want to be noticed, they want to be SEEN and the make your entire outfit! From geometric colourful shapes, textured tassels and plastic fantastic, bold statement earrings are the quick fire way to breathe new life into the most basic jeans and tee combo. Perfect for when your #ootd needs a little bit of personality and there’s no need to break the bank to get onboard! So ditch the straight up hoops and step away from the choker, here’s some of my favourite danglers that are all worthy of some attention. After all, this season when it comes to your earring choices, size does matter!

The New Hoop

Even our beloved hoop earrings have had a sassy statement makeover! Fringed, reshaped or resized, all these hoops are good to go!

Fringed Hoops, Zara, £9.99

Pearl Hoops, Topshop, £7.50

Hoop on Hoop, ASOS, £6

Serve Fish

Call me crazy but I can’t help but get all the under the sea vibes from this new trend. From coral reef to metallic jellyfish, these little mermaidens are guarenteed to make a splash with any outfit!

Coral Reefs, Concreate Jellyfish, $100

Metallic Jellyfish, Topshop, £14.50

Sea-quins, ASOS, £15

The Doorknocker

The 80’s statement has had a sleek makeover! It’s gotta be either end of the scale, sleek, oversized yet sophisticated, or everything and the kitchen sink like the latter. There is nothing inbetween this season.

Muted Metal, H&M, £12.99

Folk You, Doodad Fandango, $95

Flamingos, Bulter and Wilson, £68

Opposites attract

Give the yin to your left ears yang with these muted metal danglers.

Accessories £7

Yin Yang, Warehouse, £12

See Also

Little Large, H&M, £3.49

The Tassel

Whether dangling from your handbag, your neck or your ear, tassels are everywhere this season. Serisouly though, the tassel is your oyster whether you choose to wear just the one or two or go OTT with fifty, just make sure its on your body somewhere!

Big guns, L.O.M. Fashion, £45

Shoulder dusters, ASOS, £15

Bigger Guns, Rosantica, £105


Block colours. Bold shapes. These are your new answer to the everyday stud.

Green Hoops, Cos, £15

Shapes and Sizes, Mango, £12.99

Oval, Marni, £350
Header image by Forever Yours Betty wearing custom Doodad Fandango

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