The Skincare Saving Our Face This Winter

| Winter skincare tips to save your precious skin from suffering in this dreaded time of year. From washing, to cleansing, to moisturising – we’ve got you covered!

You can feel it. You know, that dry, uncomfortable feeling your face gets when the weather turns. It’s not just a sign to pull out the puffer jackets, hats and gloves, it’s also a signal to completely overhaul your skin care regime. If you’re anything like me, the cold weather really does a number on your skin and pretty soon you are going flaky and drying out, with some snake like tendencies to boot. Not a good look.

After years of piling on the goopiest, richest, thickest face creams I could find (and still resembling a snake may I add), I made an unbelievable discovery (like that time I found out about lip primers): The trick for supple skin isn’t all in the moisturiser, it’s in the everything you put on your face including that point. Yup, what you wash your face with really does make a difference in creating the proper hydration station for moisturiser to follow. Here’s my favourite skincare that’s saving my face this winter.

To wash: Purifying Facial Cream Cleanser

This water-soluble, non-foaming cleanser carefully clarifies skin and removes all traces of makeup to leave skin purified without taking all those essential oils we need to keep our faces in fact.

To boost: Charlotte Tilbury, Goddess Skin Clay Mask

I can’t believe I am about to say this, but Charlotte Tilbury can make you into a legit goddes: FACT! I am completely sold on pretty much her entire makeup range but this, this really is something to behold. Made with Spanish clay which is more nourishing than the usual, frangipani to hydrate and soften and rosehip oil to nourish. This clay basically gives the illusion of 8 hours sleep followed by 8 pints of water after just 10 mins. Use with her Magic Cream for the full effect, but I promise you, after this, you’ll be sold on everything.

Day moisturiser: Dr. Hauschka Rose Day Cream

A go to classic in the Dr. Hauschka Skin Care range, this cream will be your saviour during the winter season. From nourishment to protection, the Dr’s got you covered for redness and sensitivity while those cold winds blow. Plus, it smells AWESOME!

Feed your lips with: Papaw Ointment

Being pretty much most makeup artists secret lip weapon, Papaw ointment is guaranteed to mask the cracks in your lips this season. Layer it on thick at night and use to spot treat any of the REAL bad areas.

Night moisturiser: Sukin Moisture restoring Night Cream

When you need that barrier working from the night before, let your face sook it in with Sukin. (Sorry couldn’t help it!)

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For everything but the face: Lush, Dream Cream

Dream Cream is basically my solution to everything. Like the way grannies feel about Sudocream, is the way I feel about Dream Cream. Jam packed full of skin calming ingredients and originally made for those with eczema, it’s perfect descale-ing those arms and legs this winter.

And when all else fails…


Seriously. Is there anything it can’t do? From food to hair to face, coconut oil really does solve most problems, and the fact it’s available everywhere and super cheap is the hydrating cherry ontop.

Loading up on heavy creams is enough for some. But if you still haven’t seen any relief from that route, upping your full skincare game will save your face till spring. What will you be adding to your skincare routine?

Header image credit: Forever Yours Betty

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