Will Fast Fashion Ever Become Sustainable Fashion?

| Sustainable Fashion and Fast Fashion seem to have been contradictory in their nature. Can companies turn around their production to become more ethical?

Article by Fashion Fix Daily guest writer Dora P.

Fast fashion is all about creating clothes as quickly as possible for the lowest cost possible.

The fast fashion industry is one of the least environmentally friendly industries by polluting the air and water and has come under fire for workers rights being abused. But this is changing.

The Ethical Fashion Forum (EFF) states that “sustainable fashion is an approach to fashion that maximises benefits to people and minimises impact on the environment.” H&M, Zara, Topshop, Gap, Mango, Primark, John Lewis have all been accused of bad environmental practices and workers rights violations.

Against all allegations that fast fashion is not sustainable enough, companies like H&M and Zara started campaigns to recycle clothes in the name of sustainability. But with H&M announcing it’s holding $4.3 Billion in Unsold Clothes, with no clear idea of what to do with them, is a campaign enough?

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H&M also started H&M Conscious in 2011 with a collection of clothes made with recycled polyester and organic cotton. The collections are sophisticated, smart and casual, but with the rest of their collection made from man made fabrics, shouldn’t their entire collection be made from recycled polyester?

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In an ideal world fast-fashion would create less. Fair pay for workers, less and more sustainable clothes made from recycled fabrics and safer working conditions.

We only have one planet, there is no planet B to move to after we destroy this one.

The question is when are they going to accept that it is time for a sustainable change.

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