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  • Why Glossier Should Be Your New favourite Beauty Destination

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    Posted: October 09, 2017 Posted: October 09, 2017
    Why Glossier Should Be Your New favourite Beauty Destination

    | Cult beauty brand Glossier has landed in the UK, and they want you to put your skin first, and makeup second. We want you to understand why they're so good.

    Guys, it's finally happened. After months, if not years of eager anticipation. Today, devoted makeup lovers across the UK have finally been let out of their misery of another US cult beauty brand drop. That's right. Glossier has finally arrived in the UK.

    Let's all rejoice as the New York based affordable beauty line (from the genius team behind blog Into The Gloss FYI) has at long last made itself available in the UK after the pop up last July. As of right this very moment, Glossier is BACK by way of Glossier.com, which is in fact shipping to all UK DESTINATIONS! AMEN!

    After launching little over 3 years ago, tumblr-tastic Glossier was only available in the UK in limited form on Net-A-Porter, but now, everything from our everyday skincare saviours to our makeup must haves will be available next day delivery (and the postage not costing as more than new primer too).

    A digital age success story from blog to brand, Glossier manages to do the difficult and manages to hold a great relationship around it's customers and the beauty commiunity, allowing every signle bit of customer feedback go right back to the product. Basically, the brand of dreams. And the packaging is super cute too.

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    I know some of you may be wondering why people are getting so hyped over a brand that is only semi insta famous and hasn't been available in the UK until now. Well, the answer is, Glossier have created a cruelty free line of beauty that is designed to work together and live with you, not on you. Offering a skin-first, makeup-second approach to beauty, Glossier wants to celebrate real girls and natural beauty. It's fun, it's easy, it's beautiful. So yea, take that cover girl.

    In celebration of the launch, here's my list of the top 5 must have Glossier items every beauty addict will love. For reals though, check 'em out:

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    Milky Jelly Cleanser

    Glossier are all about the skin (I mean, their tag has always been 'Skincare First') and if the last few years are anything to go by is that they have it NAILED! This Milky Jelly Cleanser can dissolve even the toughest of makeup and speed up your nightly routine because really, if you're using three makeup wipes, you'd be quicker just washing your face with this.

    Mega Greens Galaxy Pack mask

    Once you have been officially cleansed, onto the Mega Greens Galaxy Pack mask. Described as the “juice cleanse for your face,” this mask chills out your blemishes and leaves your face soft and matte and happy. Phew.

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    Moisturizing Moon Mask

    Now you’re done with the Mega Greens Galaxy mask, apply this moisturizing, creamy after-mask mask (it’s like an after-party for your FACE!). It’ll give your skin all the hydration it could possibly need, before or after your makeup!

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    Cloud Paint

    One of Glossier's latest additions, these gel-cream blushes come in four shades and are that perfect pick me up for your cheeks / eyes / lips. Your hangbag will feel empty without one!

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    The Haloscope

    I introduce you to the holy grail, the Haloscope highlighter that comes in two helluva duey shades. Seriously, if you are in for a highlight that's not blinding, but gives that glow of someone that would never touch beige food, this is for you.

    Happy shopping!