Why Everyone Wants Gucci

| This year looks like the year that "Guccify" will enter the dictionary. CEO Marco Bizzarri has transformed the Gucci name into the future of fashion. That’s so Gucci.

Most of us don’t get our fashion inspiration from glossy mags, celebs or red carpets anymore. Ever since the rise of social media, the way we find our next ootd is usually one double tap away. But with this ever-expanding instagram influence, there’s one brand that crosses boarders, users and social media outlets, and that’s Gucci.

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When scrolling around the world wide web the famous double G’s have never been more present. From the outside looking in (or on the inside, looking out), it feels like the entire fashion industry can’t get enough of the Italian fashion house. And who can blame them? The Alessandro Michele effect is very much real €” and no designer in recent history has gone from practically unknown to igniting a revolution in such a short amount of time. The Gucci aesthetic is taking over, and we’re quite happy about that.

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Unlike past years, Gucci’s influence hasn’t just went as far as the catwalk. For the first time since the 90’s, people are overlooking the dupes and buying the real deal. Take London, Milan and New York Fashion Weeks for example. Never before have I seen such a plethora of embroidered trainers, logo tee’s and dinosaurs handbags. Don’t get me wrong, I’d be lying if I said I hadn’t petted my screen when checking out the full loafer range. But when, and how did we start to covat all this opulance?

Intricate embroidery, bold colour clashes, and logos as far as the eye can see, this could not be more different to the brandless Saint Laurent coveting days of yore. Riding on the wave of the rise of the logo, Gucci transformed itself from respected design giant to one of the most exciting and innovative houses that everyone wants to wear. With the rise of the influencer it seems the fashion world wants your clothing to scream and shout, which I can only assume is a reaction upon the Gucci effect. It’s not for the wallflower, it’s made for the the center of attention which is why, of course, we’re seeing it everyhwere. Minimalism has very much been leading the way across contemporary design for years now, so the entrance of over the top, "more is more" styling is a complete breath of fresh air within a sea of black jeans and plain leather jackets.

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Since Alessandro Michele became Gucci’s creative director back in 2015 the brand have never looked back. Pushing boundries with their fun, experimental yet wearable design aesthetic, it’s no wonder they are the top of almost everyone’s wishlists.

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