When it Comes to Fashion, More is More

| More is More: A short fashion film to inspire you to express yourself through your fashion style.

Here at Fashion Fix Daily, we believe that more is most definitely more. More colour, more print, more fun! Maybe life’s too short for minimalism and capsule wardrobes; fashion should be about expressing yourself!

Directed by Alexis Boling, and starring artist Rolly Robinson, this short film aptly named ‘More is More’ follows Rolly throughout the city as he dresses up in cosmic, otherworldly looks, creating total masterpieces on the body for no particular occasion, simply because, after a near-fatal bus crash, he knows that is what he was put on this earth to do; express himself.

With stunning cinematography, a feel-good soundtrack and endless vibes of confidence, self-love and beautiful costume, More is More captures the essence of Rolly’s generation like no other. Why settle for anything less than what makes you happy?

"Even after this world is destroyed, there’s going to be beauty somewhere" – Rolly Robinson (follow him on Instagram here)

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