ASOS Ditched Photoshop & Social Media Rejoiced

| Online retailer ASOS has made the decision to no longer retouch images, allowing us to see that even models have imperfections.

WOMEN REJOICE EVERYWHERE! Finally, our favourite online retailer has recognised that women do in fact have stretchmarks. The company has decided to take a stand and ditch the airbrushing to combat the ridiculous smooth thighed norm within the industry, and here at FFD we’re delighted!

With several pictures cropping up on the ASOS site showing models rocking their swimwear with stretch marks clearly visible, it created a wave of self love across the internet with people praising them for their "powerful" and "beautiful" message. If they continue, they will be amongst a growing list of retailers putting a stop unnecessary editing to their models’ bodies. However, some felt that although not retouching was a great step in the right direction, ASOS still had a long way to go to fully promote a message of body positivity and inclusion.

As more people become aware of how easy it is to manipulate photos, less people are begining to tolerate the unrealistic standards that brands are dishing out. While ASOS (and most other retailers) still have a ways to go toward true inclusivity, Photoshop-free images are an exciting, encouraging, and refreshing step in the right direction so for that, FFD thanks you. Three cheers for ASOS!

Header image: ASOS

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