What to Expect from Stranger Things 2

| Does Season 2 of Stranger Things live up to the original 1st season? The return of Milly Bobby Brown should not disappoint.

Get your eggos ready. The final trailer for the second season of Stranger Things is here. The world turns Upside Down again on Friday 27th October, and we can’t wait to be obsessed with the Hawkins gang once more.


Stranger Things Season 2: What To Expect

  • Eleven (aka Milly Bobby Brown, the coolest teenager in showbiz) is back, will have much more character development in this series, as she is finally able to properly express herself through speech, and we will watch her battle the trials of adolescence whilst still getting to grips with her overwhelming and unpredictable powers. AND she has a sweet perm now, so there’s that.

  • The new season is set in 1984, the year that the original Ghostbusters movie was released, which leads us to think there may be parallels between the two, especially as we see the boys dressed in full Ghostbusters costumes during the trailer.

  • We see in the trailer that a brand new character is arriving to Hawkins to ‘tidy up the place’ after the whole Demogorgon episode. Could this be for good or for evil?

  • Could Will have acquired some special powers? We are teased with footage of Will in a hospital gown, hooked up to various machines etc, and he appears extremely traumatized. What happened to him in the Upside Down?

  • The new monster is huge and spider-like. According to the filmmakers, “It’s all connected to this singular threat, which is tied into this shape that Will sees in the sky.” So has Will’s imagination gone awry, or is this creature real and all-encompassing?

  • The gang has acquired a new member, Max (Sadie Sink).

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  • The episode tiles released so far are:
    Trick or Treat Freak
    The Pollywog
    Will The Wise
    Dig Dug
    The Spy

  • It’s going to be stranger, and scarier, than ever. “Bigger and darker” as teased by the producers. In fact, the teaser posters that Netflix posted on Instagram spelled out:
    “We’re going back to Hawkins.
    A place where the curiosity door never closes.
    A place where new adventures await us.
    And it’s only getting stranger.”

Watch the new official Netflix trailer here:

Image source: Bleeding Cool
Info source: NME

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