How to Mix it Up, When You’re Tired of Your Clothes

|Nothing to wear? We know the feeling. Clothes can loose their charm, but trust us, these tricks can help you see them in a new light.

How do you know the difference between a fashion dilemma and a style rut? Well, a fashion dilemma is pretty much what every woman has once or twice a week, standing in front of their wardrobe in their bra and pants wondering what the hell to wear. A style rut is a little worse – you’re uninspired, you’re scared and you’re rummaging inside your laundry basket for the third time that week, spraying perfume on the top that’s been your crutch for close to a month. Tragic.

OK, so we’re talking about me. Someone complimented that top back in January and now I’m clinging to it like a shivering Rose clinging to the raft in the Titanic. Meanwhile, fashion has become my Leo, slipping further and further away from me. I’m too cold and lazy to even be bothered holding on anymore.

My fashion mojo is so lost I’m surgically attached to the same jeans (hate all others), the same leather jacket (it just suits me ok?) and the same flat, black boots that my mum also owns. Told you it was bad right?

What makes it worse is that every day I spend hours scrolling through Instagram where the world’s most effortless and edgy girls are looking painfully chic. They know how to tie shirts in ways I can’t even fathom. Their hair is perfectly tousled even though it’s raining. They can even wear luxe sportswear without looking like they’re going for a jog.

I knew I was really stuffed when I saw a picture of the style goddess herself, Leandra Medine wearing plastic rhinestone kitten heels, frayed denim pantaloons and some layered top thing going on, and instead of thinking: €œCor blimey, take me straight to Topshop,€ I just feel defeated with a hint of self-loathing and went back to crying into my laundry basket.

Sometimes, fashion feels like a flight to Gatwick that you missed. You tried to show up on time – really you did – but you got held up at security or looking at shiny new lipsticks at duty-free and now you’re just stuck at the gate watching it fly straight over your head. It’s not just that your clothes don’t feel trendy – cos who cares about trends really? – but nothing you own feels like the right way to express what’s going on in your head. It’s all old and ill-fitting and nothing goes together. It feels like it’s all over. Well, no, it’s not. Believe me: you can get back on that runway.

Get Inspired: Those girls on Instagram? Really not as scary as you think. They are people too, with all the same hangups and insecurities as you. Plus do you know how many pictures it takes to get one worthy of posting? HUNNERS. Instead of getting jealous, make these girls your friends. Comment on their pictures telling them how fine they look, celebrate their individuality and basque in their stylish sunlight. Soon, they’ll no longer feel like the enemy – instead they’ll be your biggest cheerleaders, coaxing you to do things you’ve never done before. Speaking of…

Take risks: Wear jeans under a dress. Buy the painful shoes just because they look good. Chop off the hems of your jeans. Dye your hair the colour you’ve always dreamed off. Life’s too short to be scurd grl.

Switch Up Your Make Up:
When clothes feel overwhelming, baby steps with your beauty drawer is a great way to update your look. Play around and explore new colours and combinations, try a new signature lipstick, introduce reds and oranges and pinks. Rip up the rule book and start again.

When All Else Fails:
Call a friend, crack open a bottle and work your inner Carrie Bradshaw. Toss, take and donate your way through your entire wardrobe. That way you’re only left with the gems you know work for you. And you’ll have room for those Leandra-inspired gemstone kitten heels.

Win-win, right?

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