What NOT to Say to your Tattooed Friends

Whether it's being mistaken for a criminal, accused of never being able to get a respectable job, or being told you used to be attractive, these are things no one wants to hear, so why do people think it's ok to tell them to people with tattoos?

I've had people come up to me in the street and comment on the way I look, tell me that I've made mistakes, ask me what my mother thinks, people have stared at my friends, grabbed them to 'get a closer look', I've even been told I'm 'disgusting'.

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So why do some people think it's ok to come up to a complete stranger and comment on the way they look? If you feel the need to go up and comment on someone else's appearance, maybe have a look in the mirror first?

Here are just some of the things people with tattoos hate hearing.

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