What I wore Wednesday – Sophie Hannah Richardson

|Sophie Hannah Richardson is the queen of hair dye, glitter and beauty. And we got the deets on her outfit this Wednesday!

In a sea of grey on our social media this morning we Spotted the lovely Sophie in her multi coloured faux fur of dreams! We just had to get the details on her cute outfit!

What are you wearing?

My Black Top is from Boohoo, the Faux Fur Coat and boots are from Pretty little thing & my jeans are from Topshop.

Why did you decide on this outfit this morning?

It’s comfy, casual & stylish…the whole package! Topped with the statement faux fur.

What are your plans for today?

I’m filming a few videos and then popping into London for dinner with old uni friends.

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Whats your favourite item from your outfit & why?

It’s got to be the faux fur coat. They’re my go to jacket in winter as I love how warm they keep you. This particular one also has an awesome print.

If you could add anything else to your outfit what would it be?

I think a cute black hat would finish this outfit off perfectly!

Originally published on 16 Nov 16

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