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  • What I Wore Wednesday - Natalia Homolova

    Posted: August 02, 2017 Posted: August 02, 2017
    What I Wore Wednesday - Natalia Homolova

    |Modern princess, blogger Natalia Homolova, provides us with our Wednesday style inspiration.

    After seeing blogger Natalia's outfit on her instagram we fell head over heels in LOVE! I mean that dress... talk about a modern princess, this queen is street smart! We just had to pin her down and get all the details.

    Tell us Natalia, who are you wearing?

    I'm wearing a dress from Dolly Delinquent, Jeans from MOM at Topshop, my heels are ASOS & my bag is from Quiz.

    Why did you decide on this outfit this morning?

    The dress was new to my wardrobe and I really wanted to wear it but the weather wasn't on my side and it was much colder so I've decided to go for jeans underneath. Which I guess worked our pretty well in the end! Because I didn't go anywhere special I toned it down with the bandana and a ponytail...simple street style which catches your eye.

    What are your plans for today?

    As I said, I only went for a little walk with my boyfriend, took some pictures, went for a lunch and stopped by a carboot sale (my fav place at the moment as I'm moving! My entire new home consists of car boot bargains!

    Whats your favourite item from your outfit & why?

    Well the favourite piece has to be the statement dress, but it obviously isn't an everyday thing soooo I guess my joint favourite piece could be the mom jeans, simply because I can live in them every day, with heels, trainers.. basically anything!

    If you could add anything else to your outfit what would it be?

    Nothing? haha! I would only wear my hair in a different way maybe, but I'm so bad at styling hair!

    Originally published on 09 Nov 16