What I Wore Wednesday: Lynsay Loves

| Lynsay Neil from Glasgow – also known as Lynsay Loves – talks us through her outfit and top style picks. Putting the edge in your wardrobe.

Putting a brightly coloured pep in our step this week is Glasgow based life and style blogger Lynsay Loves. Even wearing a dash of black lace Lynsay’s fun and playful take on style is giving us life this Wednesday.

What are you wearing today?

I’m wearing a floral dress from River Island, a denim jacket trimmed with shearling from Topshop and my trusty Dr Martens. My bag is the Angel bag from Marc b and I never go anywhere without a pair of sunglasses (these chunky ones are from H&M’s Cochella collection – too good just to be reserved for summer if you ask me!).

What made you pull the outfit together?

I love to toughen up a floral print with a pair of boots, so for me the ultimate way to contrast this dress was with a pair of lace-up DM’s. That way I can wear it to parties, gigs, or even just stomping around town!

What are your plans in this super cute outfit today?

I’m heading out for lunch and a wander in Edinburgh. I’m always on the lookout for new places to explore in this babe of a city.

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What’s your favourite item from your outfit & why?

I can’t get enough of this pebble grey bag – it’s just the right size for me to carry all my essentials (and a cheeky snack for the train!).

If you could add anything else to your outfit what would it be?

Probably my new beret from Lazy Oaf, I am OBSESSED with it and want to wear it 24/7!

Originally published 23 Nov 16

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