What I Wore Wednesday – Hester Sunshine

|Hester Sunshine is known not only for her Original Berets, but also for her impeccable style sense.

This week we bring you our girl crush Hester Sunshine – a.k.a Besta Hesta . As Usual her outfit makes us want to go out and re-think our entire wardrobes!

Why did you decide on this outfit?

It’s been so gross and dark and rainy here in NYC lately, I wanted to bring some color back into the world! Also I just got this top and have been planing to style a look for it for a while now

What are your plans for today?

Well I’ve been making fake present props for my fashion instillation next week and next I’m going to do some fittings and then check out the venue it will be at in Brooklyn!

What’s your favourite items from the outfit & why?

Definitely this coat, it’s just so special! It was definitely a pain to deal with when I first got it (and was literally flaking yellow powder everywhere) but now it’s my favorite thing! Also the buttons on my collar which read "who farted" and I’m high".

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If you could add anything else to the outfit what would it be?

Hmmmm I don’t really know actually! I think if I could change anything the skirt would fit better but otherwise I think it turned out pretty well!

You can meet Hester at the below event in NYC you lucky devils.

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