What Clothing Really Looks Like On Every Size

Glamour magazine has been sharing a new series celebrating the beauty of every dress size by inviting real women to model historically body-conscious garments. The videos invite 15 women from US size 0 through to 28 (UK size 2 to 26) to try on the exact same item of clothing; and confess their honest thoughts about wearing and shopping for jumpsuits, jeans, leggings and shorts.


"When I'm in a jumpsuit that fits, I feel incredible because I'm not hiding. If you want to wear a jumpsuit, wear a jumpsuit!"


"I believe women are 100 percent attached to the number .It's crazy because nobody sees the tag except you. My thoughts on that are,since when did you become just a number?"


"If I have a nice pair of leggings that I love and shirt that fits me like it's supposed to and I can move well in, I feel confident and empowered when I enter the gym."


"I get self-conscious if I my shorts are too short because I have cellulite. But I'm at a point in my life where I'm like, fuck it. These are my legs and I'm hot."

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Ruth MacGilp is an award​-winning blogger and freelance writer with a focus on ethical and sustainable fashion.
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