Wedding Outfits 101 – Create the Perfect Wedding Guest Style

|As a wedding guest, do you wear a dress, jumpsuit or two piece? Or does something else float your boat? We’ve got all your best options gathered.

Dressing as a wedding guest doesn’t have to be stressful! We have created an easy mix and match system for all your wedding outfit woes, so think of us as your wedding dress fairy godmothers.

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The Dress

So the rule is to look amazing and not to upstage the bride, easy right?

Classic Maxi Dress // Short & Floral // Perfect in Stripes

The Alternative

Sometimes you just don’t want to wear a dress! Here are our favourite alternatives.

On Trend Peplum // Classic Jumpsuit // Layered Tulle

The Shoes

Make your feet a priority instead of an afterthought.

Pink Ruffles // Nude Embellishment // Black Statement

A Hat?

Some weddings call for headwear, you can’t go wrong with these.

A Twist on the Flower Crown // Hair Jewellery // Classic Veil

The Bag

Fitting all your belongings into a tiny bag can be annoying, but are you really going to care when they are this cute?

Show your Love // Make a Statement // Go Kitch

See Also

Accessorize Perfectly

It’s all about the finishing touches.

Statement Earrings // Embellished Belt // A Twist on a Classic

As this is wedding season we know that you might need a little more help with things other than your outfit, so here are three things to help you through, from rsvp advice, helping your man get an outfit & a historical lesson on wedding dresses for all those bridesmaids. Don’t worry girl, you’ve got this!

How to Get Through Wedding Season Stress-Free

The Groom – a guide to picking your wedding outfit

100 Years Of Wedding Dresses

If for some reason you have no say over your outfit, or you are a bridesmaid wanting to make an impact but not piss anyone (aka the bride) off, then make a statement with your make up instead with this two tone lip tutorial.

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