We Are 1 Of 100: Style and Sustainability

| A community of inspiring sustainable people, working together. 100 Organic cotton t-shirts that are individually numbered and unique from the other.

Here at FFD are so excited about a new project called We Are 1 Of 100 which celebrates some of the UK’s finest emerging and established alternative musicians, illustrators, DJs, artists and anyone with an interesting story to tell; We are 1 of 100 is more than just a fashion; it is a hub for like-minded people to find inspiration and community.

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The label is currently producing limited edition hand-screened t-shirts in their Glasgow studio, each individually numbered 1/100. The T-Shirts themselves are crafted from organic cotton and use eco-friendly inks and dyes, and also have developed in line with Fair Wear foundation, and even aim to be 100% climate neutral (It’s been calculated that each t-shirt saves around 7kg of CO2; reducing greenhouse gas emissions to pre-industrial levels).

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"We love making cool things. We love meeting and hanging out with interesting people. That’s what 1 of 100 is about – collaborating with anyone who has an interesting story. Or an interesting way of looking at the world. Or an idea that can make a difference. Bigger than the sum of our parts. Ideas. That’s what drives us. We want to keep creating. Keep making things. Keep collaborating. Keep boredom at bay. We love to meet and work with other people who love to create. By working together, we all learn. New skills. New interests. New ways of doing things. New loves. New passions. New things to keep us sane. All waiting for the picking. To share and be shared. Join us. Bring your ideas and a healthy dollop of optimism."
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Current collaborators include Darkroom Dubs, The Golden Filter, Pete Fowler, Melting Pot Club and our favourite, Michelle from Kingdom of Style. Each collaborator has their own landing page with videos, image galleries, SoundCloud clips, buildings up a network with rich stories even after the t-shirts are all sold.

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Our favourite designs are definitely the Kingdom of Style ‘Baby you need some rock n roll’ tee, and the ‘End of times’ t-shirt by Penelope Trappes and Stephen Hindman, both of which are avialble in a range of beautiful colours. You can order online now, with free UK delivery at [weare1of100.co.uk/t-shirts](https://weare1of100.co.uk/t-shirts/





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