Viktor & Rolf’s Upcycled Couture SS17

This ain't no Green Day tribute, but the Viktor and Rolf Couture show "Boulevard of Broken Dreams" definitely showed it's green side. Viktor Horsting and Rolf Snoeren carried over last season's conscious couture thread, utilizing vintage cocktail dresses and eveningwear from across the decades. Turning what was damaged into beauty using collages of tulle, sequins, and gold trimmed patches, Viktor and Rolf magically created dream-like, eco-friendly fashion. Showing the beauty of imperfection, the focus is placed on finding the value in the missing piece, cracks or chips, seeing them as life experience rather than just broken. Honestly, this show was exactly what we all needed to see.

Complete with the unusual shapes and volume that we've come to know and love from Viktor and Rolf, this collection finally allows the more environmentally minded client to purchase with a minimal carbon footprint. Three of the looks from the show are already available online (for a cool €20,000 each). But you’ll have to wait a bit longer for the five spun-sugar finale gowns of Disney Princess proportions. I mean, when you wish upon a star...

Image header credit: Viktor and Rolf

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