Why Women’s Clothing Sizes Don’t Make Sense

Have you bought clothing from different countries, or different shops only to notice that the exact same size has a completely different fit? If you have, you’ll know exactly what we’re talking about.

It is stressful and the same for a lot of women, so if you were worried about your proportions or why this happens, don’t! In the words of Bruno Mars, €œyou’re amazing just the way you are€.

The sizes in clothing have changed over the years along with almost everything in the fashion industry. So now instead of buying items that are marked in inches (try vintage shopping and you’ll know what I mean" we buy a pre determined size, what does a size 10 really equate to anyway?!

So why has sizing changed? Because of marketing.
One of the main methods used is vanity sizing, when the size on the label is lowered in order to get people to buy sizes that appeared lower. According to Dr. Lynn Boorady, an expert in Fashion and Textile technology, €œThey are just random numbers that don’t mean anything and if you don’t like the size, just cut it out of your clothes.€

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