VIDEO: What does your dream handbag look like?

Do you have a dream hand bag? If your don’t what would your dream one look like. I’m gonna give you a moment to think about it, and seriously think about it.

Okay do you have it? Great because you can now design your own dream handbag! Thanks to the genius mind that is Lana Hopkins and her creation of the brand, Mon Purse. The ability to individualise your bag is what makes this Australian brand so different. The customer is shown a sample of leathers and can then design their own bag.

Hopkins was inspired by the personalisation of building a teddy bear for her nephew and thought how she could do the same with hand bag, and with that idea, Mon Purse was born. Although it was only created 3 years ago, the brand now has 8 outlets in Australia, three in the U.K and two in the U.S. It is a fast moving company which is doing much better than might have been expected of it.

Last December the company sold almost 2 million dollars worth of bags from pouches to totes. Perhaps consumers are just willing to pay more for something that they know and feel is their own. The business uses a mass customisation business model which allows the customers to choose form a combination of set styles, sizes, colour and material. Although these aspects cannot be changed it still allows for a far greater liberty in choosing the closest design to a customer’s desires than we have ever been afforded before in the world of handbags.

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Watch the video and let us know what you think of becoming your very own handbag designer!

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