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  • Wearing Clear Plastic Topshop Jeans

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    Posted: June 07, 2017 Posted: June 07, 2017
    Wearing Clear Plastic Topshop Jeans

    | "Life in plastic, it's fanstastic!" - Would Barbie still preach this if she wore Topshop's plastic jeans for a day? Pass me my Levi's.

    Have you seen the clear plastic Topshop "jeans" yet? Are they just another item in a series of seemingly unwearable trends?

    If, like us, they seem totally ridiculous to you, here's what its like to actually wear them, for a full week. Vlogger Safiya Nygaard tried them out here as part of her aptly named 'ugly clothing series', which also includes the ASOS ruffled fake band t-shirt, and the UGG x Teva mashup boot-sandals.

    As you'll see in the video, these so called 'jeans' made out of transparent vinyl plastic come with a lot of problems. The exposure, the noise, the stiffness, the sweatiness, the chafing, you name it! But, surprisingly, they do have some pros! The controversial trousers look really good in certain outfits (namely on top of leggings or tights), they catch the light nicely, they can be wiped clean, and you can even go swimming in them! We can't figure out if thats a plus or not though. Enjoy!

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    Video by Safiya Nygaard
    Assistant Editor: Eric Simpson
    Music via Audio Network
    Images via Getty Images
    SFX via AudioBlocks