The Wardrobe to Die for

What is the 24th of April to you? A birthday, an anniversary or just another day of the week?

Whatever it is, let us add another significance to this date. This is the date of the Rana Plaza disaster. When the building collapsed, it killed thousands of garment workers.

It Sparked Fashion Revolution Week.

The change in fashion in the last 20 years and the rise of fast fashion has impacted some countries with economies dependent on the fashion industry. Take, for example, Uzbekistan where 1.5 million children work in the cotton industry; China and Brazil where the maintenance of cattle for the production of leather is causing deforestation and Bangladesh where the 80% of the country’s GDP is made up of the fast fashion and ready garment industry.

So what is so significant about the 24th? On this date in 2013, one of the biggest garment production houses, in Bangladesh, Rana Plaza, collapsed like a house of cards. It killed 1133 of the 2000 people working in the building, left 2500 injured and 700 children orphaned.

The amount of loss and devastation on this day sparked the beginning of the Fashion revolution movement. Watch the video below to find out more about the need to revolutionise fashion production and consumption.

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