The Evolution of Douchebag Style

From the Danny Zukos of Grease to the Steve Stiflers of American Pie, the style of the douche bag has evolved with each passing generation. This light hearted video looks at how the average douchebag and how their style has changed over the last 10 decades. If we’re being honest with ourselves we all know at least one douchebag, whether we dated them, crushed on them, hated them or were them. It is just part of the youth culture isn’t it? There will be douchebags and ye shall know them by their swagger.

The video ends comically with said douche model saying some standard douchy things. We’re not judging those that rock the style (are we?) No, because we’re not judgmental people. We’re simply in agreement that the average douche in each decade had a specific look to them and we see these in the video. It is all in banter though so do enjoy, reminisce and if you see a small resemblance to yourself in any of the decades, laugh. And don’t be offended because at the end of the day it takes a douche to know a douche!

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