The Cutest Couple to Wear Matching Outfits

This adorable Japanese couple are most definitely #RelationshipGoals. They have been married for 38 years and wear effortlessly matching outfits almost every day. They started matching their outfits because they noticed that they had matching hair. They have no strict rules for how they dress apart from the coordination. Perhaps this is why their style looks effortless.

They have an Instagram account on which they document and share them fashionable, well-co-ordinated cuteness. The photos are taken by their daughter when they go on trips and unsurprisingly, they have gain a huge following with over 400k followers. As you can imagine they are sent fan art & have companies scrabbling to collaborate with them.

Check out their Instagram. Their Profile is a combination of their names plus their wedding anniversary (too f*@cking cute right?!). They are just proving that style has no age limit, one adorably co-ordinated outfit at a time.

Let us know what you think of this couple.

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