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  • Shoes Made Out of Water Bottles

    Posted: January 07, 2018 Posted: January 07, 2018
    Shoes Made Out of Water Bottles

    Yes! You read the title correctly. Shoes made out of water bottles!

    A San Francisco start-up company called Rothy’s has started a line of shoes made out of plastic water bottles. Each shoe is made out of 3 plastic water bottles. The bottles are fused into a filament fibre making it into a 100% environmentally friendly. It takes as little as 6 minutes to manufacture a pair using 3D knit technology and the shoes are 100% recyclable.

    Rothy’s wants to lead a sustainable and colourful approach to going green and we are behind them all the way. As the fashion industry is the second biggest polluter in the world after the oil industry, damn right we stand behind any company that is chooses to make fashion more sustainable.

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    If you’re interested in the sustainability of fashion using technology, check out this video on
    Fashion & Tech, From Frivolity To Sustainability. If an underwear company can help in sending man to the moon, just imagine what the future holds with a company like Rothy’s. We can’t wait to see what’s next for them!
    Check out their website.