Redefining Fashion & Architecture in Bolivia

Get a fascinating insight in Bolivia's art, fashion, architecture and endlessly colourful culture.

Meet Freddy Mamani, the bold and daring architect aiming to transform Bolivia's cities of La Paz and El Alto, and the women who uplift and celebrate indigenous Bolivian 'cholita' fashion for the modern day.

Mamani, who is referred to as the forefather of innovative neo-Andean architecture, creates bright, festive and eye-catching geometric buildings and interiors that totally redefine the local landscape by desgning for the emerging bourgeosie class, sometimes given the name 'cholets', from the previously derogative term 'Cholo'. Cholitas refers to the girls and women in this group who now act as models and fashionistas rasing awareness of the inticate and extravagent traditional Bolivian costume.

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Video by Vice.

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