VIDEO: Queen Elizabeth's Top Fashion Moments

Queen Elizabeth II, longest reigning monarch in British history recently celebrated her 91st birthday. Being in power for 63 years, means that the Queen has reigned over the United Kingdom for more than most of our life times. We’ve grown up with the queen on our T.Vs, in or news and in our magazines.

The queen’s elegance over the period of her reign has been omnipresent. Whether she’s visiting a school, or meeting with world leaders, she has never ceased to look immaculate. In fact the queen is a trend-setter in her own right. Dolce and Gabana were inspired to base their entire AW 08-09 collection on her casual style of tartan skirts and headscarves.

In the last 6 decades, the queen has really come into her own in style, often wearing couture that commissioned for her designed and created in bespoke fabrics and colours that she has selected.

Check out the video looking at 90 years of the queen’s stylish moments in 90 pictures.

Now for the important question...which is your favourite?