No Hair, Don’t Care!

What does your hair mean to you? Beauty, style, personality?

Hair means a whole range of things to both men and women but it can’t be denied that the way hair is carried and styled is much more significant for women. It’s part of a beauty standard that has been in place for generations. The media has never taken into consideration that all women do not have the choice to have long, beautiful flowing hair as we see in almost every advert or public display of ‘beauty’.

Not all women will have the same type of hair texture, density and otherwise but it does encourage the idea of making the most with your hair if you have it in the first place. So why would women make the choice to shave their heads?

Refinery 29 talked to women about shaving their heads, the reasons behind it and what it means to them. These women are empowered by the idea of finding and accepting beauty in who they are, not in the beauty standard mould that society subtly tries to compress us into. In saying this, there is nothing wrong with having long beautiful locks, if you’ve got it, FLAUNT it! But if you don’t, whether by choice or otherwise, ignore batting eyelids because you know what it means to you.

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Screw society’s beauty standards. The only standards you should live by, beauty or otherwise are you own! Now go forth and SLAYYY. These women are inspirations. #NoHairDontCare

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