Mime et Moi – Shoes with Interchangeable Heels

Mime et Moi, a German company has brought us a new generation of high heel shoes. Two words- interchangeable heels! Imagine wearing a pair of shoe to work in the morning and simply changing the heels as you leave work for a night out.

The shoes come with 5 interchangeable heels, so one pair of shoes can quickly and easily become five. The height, shape and colour of the heels can be changed. There is a hidden lever in the sole of the shoes that can be easily pulled back to remove the heel. The brand offers a freedom of choice of what to decide which 5 heels you would like. The flat heels come in a standard three centimetres and for the others, customers can pick between three, seven and 10 centimetre heels.

You never have to carry a second pair of shoes anywhere, ever again, whether heels or flats. This a wonderful hybrid between luxury and comfort might just be the solution to countless problems.

They launched with the help of a kick starter campaign.

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The campaign raised over 19,000 euros and has been doing great since. I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the range of options from Mime et Moi.

Are these heels dream shoes or what?
Check out the video and let us know what you think.

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