VIDEO: Manure Couture – BioTextile Made From Cow Dung

Brands committing to sustainable fashion would never have guessed what awaits them. It started with mushroom leather, now we have biotextiles made out of cow dung.

Biotech for the win yet again in the Fashion industry. There is so much going on in the world of biotechnology and fashion collaboration. Vegan leather, shoes made out of plastic bottles – and it doesn’t end there. Now we have biotextiles being made out of cow excrement at no further cost to the planet. If they are going to excrete anyway, we might as well use it for a greater good.

In the video below, every fasion piece started off as manure from a Dutch farm. Jalila Essaidi, the artist and entrepreneur behind the project, was triggered by the fact that the Netherlands has an extreme excess of cow dung. They are picked up and taken to the lab where they are broken down using chemical reactants and transformed into a material that can be used to make paper and plastic. The plastic-like material is further chemically treated to create a thread like material for the creation of clothing. This is going to be a money-saver for farmers as they currently have to pay to get rid of the manure. It’s even a life saver for the planet as it will also reduce the farming industry’s carbon footprint.

Essaidi’s goal is to have factories where farmers can bring their dung to be made in to products like plastic plates and even designer clothing. H&M is staying true to their word to try to make fashion sustainable and is investing in this project. We might be able to get clothing made out of cow dung from the high street in the near future, but is this something you would wear?

We’re excited to hear what you have to say to this. Watch this video and let us know.

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