VIDEO: M&S Hires Fashion Novice to Run Clothing Division

A bold move from M&S, but will it pay off? Department store House of Fraser closed half its UK stores, but retreat is not in the cards for Marks & Spencers€¦ yet.

M&S has been struggling over recent years to maintain the level of income that the fashion department is bringing into the company in the current economic climate.

The appointment of Gill McDonald is a brave but optimistic move for the retailer. McDonald is now set to be in charge of the clothing and beauty division. This appointment has faced some criticism for the fact that McDonald has no fashion background. "The appointment will address a long-held belief by analysts that a female boss is needed to fix the problems within the women’s wear division. However, many highlighted that Ms McDonald has zero experience of the fashion retail sector."

Although she was at British airways for 16 years and did wonders for McDonalds and Halford when she headed the companies, there is a fear that she will not be able to do the same with the fashion industry. McDonald does understand marketing to the consumers in a manner that M&S is in need of at the moment. This has been said to be one of the hardest jobs in retail. M&S is a large business that may not be able to act immediately n decisions made in the same manner that McDonald is used to but we do have to remember that Gill is a well accomplished woman who most definitely would be aware of what she’s gotten herself into. Its only a matter of time before we see what she is capable of and what she may struggle with in this role.

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