VIDEO: Is Harajuku Style Dead?

What do we really know about Harajuku? It is a neighbourhood in Japan. The style is characterised by a pursuit of kawaii, or €œcuteness€, which is expressed in massive piles of hair clips, face band aids, creative layering, and a mishmash of colours and textures.

Harajuku style has become less visible and after 2 decades, FRUiTS magazine, a publication that championed the style’s colourfully dressed youth and provided a reliable and authentic record of emerging street trends and genuinely interesting dressers, published their last issue. The magazine’s founder, editor and chief photographer Shoichi Aoki stated that "there are no more cool kids left to photograph."

Some blame Uniqlo, Japan’s internationally expanding basics chain, which has seen a 45% rise in profits in the last quarter alone, along with Western imports like Forever 21 and H&M
Watch a video about Harajuku Fashion below:

Watch YouTuber Pixielocks share her opinion about the subject below.

What is your opinion in the style and the seeming decline in its popularity?

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