VIDEO: Iraq’s First Gentleman’s Fashion Club

| Kurdish Culture takes a turn – read about the opening of Iraq’s first gentlemen’s club, ‘Mr Erbil’.

Allow us to introduce to you: Mr Erbil, Iraq’s first gentlemen’s club. Founded by Omar Nihad, Goran Pshtiwan and Ahmed Nauzad about a year ago, it now has over 30 members with more and more people requesting to join.

Erbil is the capital of Kurdistan, which is located in the north of Iraq. These Kurdish men aim to show the world a different perspective of Iraq despite the political and economic issues. They stress that their style showcases modernity mixed with cultural heritage. They want to show that being a gentleman is more than looking good in a suit and to highlight the worthy characteristics that define a gentleman. The members of Erbil aim to promote social change and boost the economy through fashion by using local tailors and craftsmen to create their outfits. The member of Mr Erbil are not just talking the talk, they look to also be walking the walk with ambitions of starting a clothing brand and setting up a shop. They also have a "Women’s Inspiration" segment where they feature Iraqi women & their stories. And they just might be the ones to put Erbil on the global fashion map.

Check them out on Instagram, they post photos regularly and now have over 70k followers!

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