Hugo Boss in the Smart Watch Market

Welcome, welcome, welcome Hugo Boss to the world of smart watches. It really was only a matter of time wasn’t it?

With the variety of smart watches that have now become available, it was a wonder if this was going to be end of the classic watch era, but realistically it wasn’t ever going to be. Hugo Boss has step its game up a notch and created a classic looking watch with the same functions as a smart watch. Behold, the best of both worlds: The watches have the standard 3-hand analogue dial and also an OLED display that is effectively the smart screen. It can be synchronised to your smart phone and the HP engineering allows you to tailor the type of notifications you want to receive on your wrist, who you receive them from and when and how you are notified.

These classic smart watches come in either black straps with a black case or brown straps with a rose gold case. These watches are edgy, innovative and highly affordable, I don’t care what anyone says, smart never looked so classic.

Check out the advert for the new chic smart watch. Do love them, hate them, or are you somewhere in between?

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