Have Beauty Standards Gone Too Far?


The question of €œAm I ugly€ has probably crossed every person’s mind at some stage or the other.

This thought-provoking video directed by Marie Schueller features young girls asking and answering this question. They explain how they see themselves especially in comparison with others. Making it easy to see the pressure they put on themselves in regards to reaching an unachievable level of beauty which they are exposed to by the media. One of the girls stated €œI just want to be perfect€.

There is something subtly terrifying about the video, from the distorted visual to the sound effects and voice-over of the girls’ monologues. The voices sound innocently young but speak such heavy words as €œI think ugly girls do get judged€. Even at their young ages, they are being prepared for the world of societal expectations and judgements. Some speak of how being €œpretty€ is the most important thing to them. The video transitions from the girls being in what looks like their bedrooms bare faced to them wearing heavily contoured makeup.

Are our young girls being forced to grow up too quickly and meet societal beauty standards with no appreciation of their natural beauty? Is the media to blame for this shift?

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