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  • Leather Made of Human Skin

    Posted: February 05, 2018 Posted: February 05, 2018
    Leather Made of Human Skin

    Biotechnology meets fashion! Tina Gorjanc, a Central Martins student believes that advance tissue-engineering tech could 'grow' synthetic leather from a person's DNA.

    Her collection was inspired by the late Alexander McQueen. The designer would have probably enjoyed the concept of this project as he used a sample of his own hair in the creation of the 1992 silk coat named ‘Jack the Reaper Stalks his Victims. Although Gorjanc hasn’t actually created human leather skin (yet), her project ‘Pure Human’ showcases her creations made from pig leather, dyed and treated to look like human leather, with sunburn, freckles and replications of McQueen’s tattoos. She plans to grow skin using McQueen’s DNA in order to make them into flesh coloured leather handbags and jackets complete with McQueen’s distinguishing marks and tattoos.

    Gorjanc aim during this project was to raise awareness of lack of rights to our genetic information. She has filed a patent for the leather that is to be created from the DNA sourced from McQueen’s hair sample and the entire creation process.

    Could this be the future of fashion? An era whereby, in Gorjanc’s words “we are still able to own a part of someone else”.

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