The Future is Downloadable Fashion

The world of fashion moves ever so quickly. Imagine being able to design and print the clothes you’re going to wear for the day?!

Designer, Danit Peleg was inspired to make 3 dimensional clothes when she was invited to an event but had nothing else to wear. From them on she became unstoppable, seeking to print new designs using different materials in order to understand which is most flexible and comfortable for actual wear and not just for show on a catwalk.

Danit designs and prints clothing from the comfort of her own home and believes that 3D clothing will improve the future of fashion and the production of clothing. In the future materials used by these 3D printers will evolve and look and feel like the material we use to make clothing today. Peleg explains that similar to the transition of music from records to digital accessibility, she believes that clothing and fashion will also move to the digital sphere in which we will be able to download clothing. Just imagine what that could mean for the future of the industry.

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