VIDEO: A day at Coachella with Aimee Song

When one of the biggest influencers in the world heads to Coachella, you can be damned well sure we want to be right there with her!

Aimee Song – from Song of Style, headed to Coachella with some of her bff’s and the result is possibly the most real vlog we have seen of the festival.

Most of the vlogs we have seen this year have centered around celebrity stalking, outfits and brands…not don’t get us wrong, we LOVE those vlogs BUT, we do expect to see some music at a music festival!

Song, as always, comes across genuine, sweet and honest, this is 100% why she has such a strong fan base. They took to youtube to tell her exactly how much they loved her! Watch Aimee’s video for a full BTS look at Coachella.

Mar Fernandez;
"There’s nothing about your personlaity, your face, body,mind…tastes that I don’t like. And when you reunite with Jacopo! awesome. You are the best influencer in the whole world and Youtubbe is showing how you are and you are beyond… Well there is something… I envy your capacity to eat all that ou want and not get fat. BEST IN EVERYTHING."

Iasonas Kreontas
"I think you have no filter. You are actually honest and comfortable in front of the camera. You express thoughts that everyone has, but doesn’t necessarily admit to, nevertheless say it out loud! You have my attention since the ethiopia vlog. You actually make me feel like an insider. Like I am there and you are my friend and we are discussing everything I mean EVERY little THING. That’s one of the qualities that differentiate you through the mass!"

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