5 Minute Morning Yoga

Feeling lackluster in the morning? Don’t have time to work out?

We all could get out of bed 5 minutes earlier to kick start our day, and the benefits of your 5 minute yoga practice will last far beyond the morning.

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Here are the top reasons to take some time for yourself every morning.

  • Yoga Boosts your Immune System, so you can fight off all those pesky summer colds.

  • Your focus will be improved, think of the 5 minutes as a guided meditation, with movement!

  • Reduce anxiety, all exercise helps improve your mood but as yoga teaches you how to breathe you can use this to help with stressful situations.

See Also

  • It helps circulation & Digestion, both of which could do with a boost in the morning right?

  • In time it will increase your flexibility and core strength, not bad for 5 minutes each day right?

If we’ve given you enough reason to hop on the yoga train, Try it out with Adrienne. Get some me-time and boosts your brain power with morning yoga in the video below

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