VIDEO: 100 Years Of Wedding Dresses

Now that wedding season is upon us, there’s nothing we love more than taking a nostalgic look back through old wedding photos.

Say €œI Do€ to our blushing bride, 100 times over. We’re back with another century of chic wears, and this time, Mode will be walking down the aisle.

The style of wedding dresses is of massive cultural importance, not only does it give us a view into the trends of the decade it also tells us if that time in history was opulent, conservative, hippy or just plain crazy!

So from the roaring 20’s to the chic 00’s, and everything in between, come and find your perfect dress with us, and if nothing floats your boat, just remember that it’s your wedding day, and if you choose to have one, you can marry, and wear, whomever and whatever you like. It’s your big day after all!

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Let us know what you think of the wedding dress styles of the past, which is your favourite and if you are already married, did you tie the knot in something similar?

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