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  • 100 Years of Bras

    Posted: February 18, 2018 Posted: February 18, 2018
    100 Years of Bras

    Bras have become such an everyday part of most women’s dressing that it is hard to imagine a time when they weren’t.

    I’m all down with freeing the nipple, in fact, I encourage myself and all the women around me to do at least once in a while. But we still need to pay due respect to the bra. After all it supports us when we work out, when we present meetings and when we dance the night away.

    You’ll know that the bra all stated back in 1907 with American Socialite Mary Phelps Jacob, who created the first bra from two silk handkerchiefs and a ribbon but this video takes us further back, as far as ancient Roman times to understand how and why women covered their chests. Bras have now evolved to the supportive/ self-expressive pieces of clothing that they are.

    What do you think of the evolution? Let us know in the comments section below.

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