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  • 100 Years of Beauty | Philippines

    Posted: February 04, 2018 Posted: February 04, 2018
    100 Years of Beauty | Philippines

    They say beauty is only skin deep. Anthropologist, Chris Santo Domingo Chan researched the concept of beauty in the Philippines in the last 100 years. His thoughts on beauty: “Beauty is not natural, it is always conditioned and in this context, a face tells so much about the political situation or military situation. And those things go into the way we condition our own face to look beautiful to the world”.

    The Philippines is a country made up of over 7,000 islands, located in southeast Asia. The perception of beauty in the country over the last 10 decades is a reflection of different influences and events. From the era of Spanish colonisation, to portrayals by local artists, to Filipino pop culture, which was heavily influenced by American pop culture to times of war in the country.

    Chan talks us through a brief and easy to understand rationale of the changes in perceptions of what made a Filipino woman beautiful from decade to decade.
    From the complexion of the model’s skin to the hair styles replicated.

    Here is a video on the research that went behind the video. It was described how each of the era was influenced: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r1HAydWAWcA

    How has beauty been defined in your country?
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