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  • 100 Year Old Women Share Their Best Beauty Secrets

    Posted: January 26, 2019 Posted: January 26, 2019
    100 Year Old Women Share Their Best Beauty Secrets

    Every wondered how you would maintain your beauty regime when you’re older? Meet Betty (101), Ellen (104) and Clementine (101). These ladies talk us through what they do and have done to maintain their beauty.

    Their routines range from washing their face 3 to 4 times a day and applying baby oil as a moisturizer to using lipstick as rouge. I guess the appreciation of self-beautification never diminishes regardless of age, Betty says she doesn’t feel dressed unless she has lipstick on.

    If you think wigs only became popular in the last few years, think again. Ellen has been rocking the look before Kylie Jenner was even conceived. She's been wearing them since her late 20’s, simply because it saved hair curling time in the morning and has a different wig for each occasion. Now thats a girl after our own heart!

    These women show that aging doesn't have to be something terrifying, and that even at 100 you can still look like a total babe.