Vetements x Saks

|Vetements have partnered with Saks in NYC to highlight the waste the fashion Industry produces.

"VETEMENTS partnered with Saks Fifth Avenue to underline one of the biggest problems of our generation “” garbage. Garbage is what most brands produce today. Mountains of stock are buried in outlet stores and stockrooms and have little chance of finding anyone who will want to pay for them. Overproduction is a huge problem that the industry tries to hide as it chases after fake numbers and reports of constant growth. Saks was brave enough to support us to start a conversation about it by offering its main windows. We need to realise that sometimes less means more."

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"Fashion is a very dirty industry. Deadstock in the US amounts to $50bn every year. After the oil industry, fashion is the second-biggest polluting industry in the world. Fashion chief executives scream about sustainability, and how they plan to cut carbon emissions by 40 per cent and reduce environmental impact by 50 per cent in every interview. But none of those brands seem to understand that a much easier solution is just in front of them. Preventing overproduction in the first place would have an immediate effect on reaching those sustainability goals. The industry talks about conspicuous consumption “” buying for the sake of buying “” as the reason behind the growth in the luxury segment. But brands are producing more product than there is demand for. I call it conspicuous production, producing for the sake of producing and artificially inflating the numbers."

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The question raised is where do we go from here? Vetements make a point, but coming from a brand who charge £700+ for a hoody their solution may only work for designer brands. Fast fashion is cheap because they buy in bulk, they produce in bulk and they sell in bulk. If that changes what happens to the average consumer?

Unless the industry as a whole shifts towards a more environmentally friendly and sustainable ethos, fashion will continue down this untenable path, to what end? We don’t know.

Watch the Vetements Fall 17 collection below

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