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  • Velvet Dresses - Throwback Thursday

    Posted: December 08, 2016 Posted: December 08, 2016
    Velvet Dresses - Throwback Thursday

    |Velvet dresses are this year's ultimate vintage trend. A beautiful dress can make you feel more than empowered, so why not try velvet this party season?

    Anyone who grew up in the 80's should have a fear of velvet dresses. I still have flashbacks to my mum forcing me to wear a black velvet dress with forest green lamé...I need to find photos for you but it wasn't pretty, no matter what my mum told me!

    That being said, velvet has made a glorious return to the high street, thanks to Designers like Gucci & Prada, Velvet is at the top of everyones wish list this Christmas. And it's not just dresses, oh no, you can even get velvet PANTS! I'm still not sure how I feel about those.

    So to help you along in your quest to get over those awful 80's velvet flashbacks I have picked my favourite velvet items for you.

    Velvet Boots

    These pretty much speak for themselves, plus they'll keep your legs looking sassy & feeling warm all winter.

    Velvet Dress

    This backless number from Miss Selfridge is worlds away from the 80's horrors of our youth.

    Velvet Top

    Velvet, Ruffles, Cut outs, Studs...I should hate this but I really really don't. Oh Topshop you know the way to a girls heart.

    Velvet Body

    Maybe not as far as velvet pants but this velvet bodysuit from Urban Ourfitters may have overstepped the mark. Do you Love it or Loathe it?

    Velvet Skirt

    Classic & easy to wear, the little black skirt gets a velvet upgrade thanks to Next.

    Velvet Jacket

    Is it a long bomber? Is it a dress? We don't really care tbh as long as those tigers look as good irl as they do on the ASOS website!

    Velvet Suit

    Oh Boden you really are ticking all the boxes here aren't you? This wine coloured suit will see you through to spring.