Unlikely Beauty Heroes You Already Own

| From avocado face masks to yoghurt hair conditioners, to horse shampoo and soil scrubs, lately we’ve seen some innovative uses of unlikely beauty products around the web.

Here we’ve compiled a useful list of tried-and-tested store cupboard ingredients and basic pharmacy finds that can solve a huge range of beauty woes.

Back to Basics

Sudocrem – Anyone who’s suffered from bad spots (and I mean those really big, red, ugly ones) knows that thick lotion or nappy rash cream like Sudocrem is an overnight miracle. Simply put a blob on the problem area and hey presto, its basically invisible by the morning. Toothpaste works for this too!

Baby Oil – Works perfectly on adults & babies alike. Not only is it a great deep conditioning hair mask and smooth body moisturiser, it works as a great massage oil, make-up and is a cheap substitute to bio-oil for reducing the appearance of scars. Go for Tesco’s own to keep the cost down and avoid buying something that tests on animals.

Talcum Powder – is an affordable, accessible version of dry shampoo. It adds volume and removes grease in a matter of seconds, and the product lasts for weeks on end. Perfect for those mornings where washing your hair is too much hassle.

Kitchen Cupboard Ingredients

Green Tea, or matcha, is a total blessing when it comes to improving digestion and metabolism, but its also brilliant at anti-ageing and rejuvenating skin. Green tea bags can be used as a relaxing eye mask to get rid of dark shadows.

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Avocado, Yogurt & Banana, no this isn’t a recipe for a salad dressing, it’s a hair mask to calm all the frizz! It works best if all the ingredients are blended in equal amounts, pop on your hair & leave for half an hour, wash out thoroughly & enjoy silky smooth hair.

Olive Oil When your nail polish is taking an age to dry and you need to rush out the door, rub a small amount of olive oil on the nails to super-speed up drying time.

Lemon and Sugar is the perfect pairing.
Instead of splurging on fancy exfoliators, you can make a simple but effective body scrub using caster sugar and squeeze of lemon. Lemon juice also works wonders for lightening blonde hair or bringing out highlights in the sun but be warned, it will dry out your hair.

Coconut Oil deserves it’s famous reputation as an all rounder.
As well as being a healthy superfood, coconut oil is heralded as a miracle beauty hero for many reasons. When warmed up and melted into the palms, this natural moisturiser can be used as a body lotion, eye make-up remover, cleanser, hair mask or conditioner. If you are going to buy some make sure you get cold pressed & organic, you only get one face after all!

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