Two Instagram Creators Unveil Powerful Visual Campaign – WOC Project

Surrounding International Women’s Day and Women’s Month, two powerhouse digital creators, Micaéla Verrelien and Aysha Sow, unveiled a powerful visual project titled “WOC” to celebrate women of color who are quietly making waves in the fashion, beauty and entrepreneurial world – but are often overlooked by major brands.


“Although we indulge in our womanhood each and every day, we are glad that we have one month dedicated just to us. This Women’s Month we not only thought it would be a great idea to reach out to 9 influencers that we believe inspire many individuals each day, but we chose 9 women of color to send out a strong message about our power.” – Micaéla Verrelien

As creatives, Micaéla and Aysha are aware that many brands are now looking to diversify their campaigns, however their visual movement is a statement to challenge brands to do more than fill a quota. They believe that adding one or two women of color in a campaign of 15 or more women is not diversity, but rather a way to silence dissention from their audiences. This campaign calls for the true integration and celebration of all women, but highlights the women who have long been in the minority of brand campaigns.


“This project was as created for that exact reason, we don’t want to be silenced we want to be heard. Each of us in the series of photos are not only creative but also personable, and hard working. Given a chance, we will not only provide quality content, but we will go above and beyond, because being a woman is one thing but to be a woman of color is a whole other battle so we have to make sure that we work 10 times harder.” – Aysha Sow

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The campaign aims to inspire young women of all backgrounds to believe that anything is possible.


You can follow the incredible women from the campaign below;
Micaéla Verrelien
Aysha Sow
Kia Marie
Audrey W
Taija Kerr
Al Malonga

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